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2022.07.09 2022介入藥物討論會
[ 2022.06.28 ]
時       間:2022年7月9日 星期六 13:00-17:30
地       點:台北張榮發基金會801會議室

時間 講題 講師 座長
13:00 Opening Remarks 李文領 理事長
Topic 1: High bleeding risk and choice of stents
What is the preferred stent in patients suffering from ACS with high bleeding risk ?
13:05 Bio-degradable polymer drug-eluting stents 李政翰 方慶章
13:20 Durable polymer drug-eluting stents 施志遠
13:35 Drug coating balloon 王宇澄
13:50 Rebuttal (each 3 mins)
14:00 Vote
14:05 Special Lecture: Updated anti-thrombotic therapy and choice of P2Y12 inhibitor in Eat-Asia ACS patients with high bleeding risk 劉秉彥 李文領
14:25 Coffee Break
Topic 2: Long-term pharmacological management of chronic coronary syndrome
What is the preferred pharmacological therapy for high ischemic/low bleeding risk CAD in long-term?
14:35 Standard DAPT and then long-term P2Y12 inhibitor 方修御 郭風裕
14:50 Extended DAPT (>30 months) 黃成偉
15:05 Low dose Xa-inhibitor on top of aspirin after standard DAPT 陳郁志
15:20 Rebuttal (each 3 mins)
15:30 Vote
Topic 3: What is the preferred SINGLE anti-platelet therapy for post-PCI patient beyond period of DAPT?
15:35 Clopidogrel 李俊偉 盧澤民
15:50 Ticagrelor 李任光
16:05 Prasugrel 朱俊源
16:20 Rebuttal (each 3 minutes)
16:30 Vote
Topic 4: Long-term pharmacological management for our CAD patients with type 2 DM ?
Which one is the BEST choice for CAD/DM patients in long-term outcomes as add-on therapy?
16:35 SGLT2 inhibitor 賴志泓 王光德
16:50 GLP1 receptor agonist 鄧欣一
17:05 Rebuttal (each 3 mins)
17:12 Vote
17:15 Closing Remarks 洪大川 主委