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1090606 PAOD Update
[ 2020.05.04 ]
PAOD Update
時間: 1090606 13:30-17:05
時間 講題 講師 座長
13:30 Opening 謝宜璋理事長
Panelist Bryan Yan / Chong Tze Tec / 曹文東
13:35 Peripheral wire & supporting catheter: Review and Update 梁懷文 謝慕揚
14:00 Drug coating balloon: Review and Update 吳承學 許栢超
14:25 Drug eluting stent: Review and Update 鍾文榮 黃玄禮
14:50 New device (Lithotripsy balloon/ Chocolate balloon /
Tack stent / diamondback device): Review and Update
黃柏森 陳怡芝
15:15 Break
Panelist Steven Kum / Jackie Ho Pei / Skyi Pang 
15:25 Atherectomy device: Review and Update 李任光 曾維功
15:50 Catheter based treatment for acute limb ischemia:
Review and Update
王駿丞 吳敘平
16:15 Intravascular imaging during endovascular therapy:
Review and Update
張偉俊 陳俊吉
16:40 VOYAGER study (rivaroxaban in PAOD) 張景棠 李政翰
17:05 Closing 徐中和主委
Each topic: 15mins talk + 10mins Q&A