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1071020 BRS Symposium
[ 2018.10.20 ]
BRS Symposium
時間:107年10月20日(六) 13:20-17:30
地點:臺大醫學院101講堂 (台北市仁愛路一段1號)
  • Each topic: 20 mins talk+5 mins Q&A
 時間 講題 講師 座長
13:20 Opening 謝宜璋 主委
13:25 Latest Long Term Evidence from RCTs and Registries on Absorb. 程俊傑 李文領
Cheng Hsin General Hospital BVS Follow up
- What we learn from our experience?
王耀章 張其任
14:15 Role of OCT for BVS: From Implantation to Long-term Follow-up. 廖智冠 盧澤民
14:40 Scaffold Thrombosis: Insight from OCT Kyohei Yamaji TBD
15:05 Current status of the Next Generation BVS 黃啟宏 王志鴻
15:30 Coffee Break
15:45 Emerging BRS: Current status of Magmaris 黃慶昌 王怡智
16:10 Emerging BRS: Current status of Desolve 郭風裕 鄭書孟
16:35 Emerging BRS: Current status of MeRes 黃群耀 洪大川
17:00 Do we really need BRS? 殷偉賢 羅秉漢
17:25 Closing 殷偉賢 理事長