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1081102 Great Debate in Interventional Therapy
[ 2019.09.16 ]
Great Debate in Interventional Therapy
日期:108年11月2日(週六) 13:30-17:30
地點:財團法人張榮發基金會802講堂 (台北市中山南路11號)





 13:30 OPENING 殷偉賢 理事長
Debate 1: 南北大戰 Multi-vessel PCI in STEMI and Shock
13:35 VOTE
13:37 I Don't Care What the Data Says, This Maybe the Patient's Only Chance! 何明昀 王怡智
13:47 Let's Pause and Review the Data Before We Change the Approach to Reperfusion Therapy for STEMI 郭風裕 王光德
13:57 Rebuttal (3 min each)
14:03 Vote & Discussion
Debate 2: CTO大戰 Remnant Non-LAD CTO with High JCTO Score需要Revascularization?
14:08 VOTE
14:10 Optimal Medical Treatment will be first choice 盧炯睿 徐中和
14:20 Revascularization whatever any CTO? 宋思賢 盧澤民
14:30 Rebuttal (3 min each)
14:36 Vote & Discussion
Debate 3: 氣球大戰Significant Small Vessel Disease DEB vs. DES比較
14:41 VOTE
14:43 DEB is a First Choice in significant small vessel disease! 朱俊源 方慶章
14:53 DES is always Better than DEB 林俊呈 鄭書孟
15:03 Rebuttal (3 min each)
15:09 Vote & Discussion
15:15 Coffee Break
Debate 4:地鐵大戰 IABP in Cardiogenic Shock
15:45 VOTE
15:47 Management of Cardiogenic shock: IABP is still gold standard 陳冠任 邱俊仁
15:57 Management of Cardiogenic shock: IABP is an old fashion. PCPS is new gold standard 藍偉仁 洪大川
16:07 Rebuttal (3 min each)
16:13 Vote & Discussion
Debates 5: 取栓大戰 Stroke Routine IA or Not
16:18 VOTE
16:20 Wait! IA therapy is only for bail-out choice for thrombolytic therapy 嚴寶勝 陳威良
16:30 Door to IA time! All stroke patients should receive IA therapy 謝慕揚 陳盈憲
16:40 Rebuttal (3 min each)
16:46 Vote & Discussion
Debates 6: 內外大戰Asymptomatic Low Risk AS: TAVR or SAVR?
16:51 VOTE
16:53 Asymptomatic Low Risk Severe Aortic Stenosis: TAVR is a good option 柯呈諭 李政翰
17:03 Asymptomatic Low Risk Severe Aortic Stenosis: SAVR is a gold standard 李永在 曹殿萍
17:13 Rebuttal (3 min each)
17:19 Vote & Discussion
17:25 TAKE HOME MESSAGE 謝宜璋 主委